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  • September is National Suicide Prevention Month

    The word suicide is the preferred term for self-inflicted death. For example, the phrase “committed suicide” is no longer mainstream because it reflects back to an era when suicide was considered a sin or a crime. The preferred language used to refer to a death by suicide is to say the person died by suicide.

    Mental health professionals and those with lived experiences impacted by a family member or friends suicide attempt or death by suicide have the opportunity to raise awareness regarding suicide prevention.

    September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Those who have lost clients, patients, family, or friends to suicide are profoundly and forever impacted as a result. Join others this month to raise awareness and increase access to suicide prevention resources.

    According to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide was the tenth leading cause of death overall in this country, claiming more than 47,000 people’s lives in 2019. In fact, there was nearly double the rate of suicides that year as homicides (19,141).

    How to Get Involved

    There are a few different ways to add your voice and experience to the narrative this September:

    Spread the Word

    Lifeline’s website provides banners, flyers, and logos that you may download, print, and post around your local community, helping to spread awareness.


    Contact your local Lifeline crisis center about volunteering opportunities.

    Share Your Story

    If your life has been touched by suicide in some way and you feel you are able to share your experience with others, this can be a powerful way to connect.