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  • Protracted Divorce

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    Psychological Impact of Ongoing Litigation

    A protracted divorce is a divorce that continues for a long time, especially longer than is normative or necessary. Protracted divorces are often more common than realized. The primary stage of divorce experienced for those in this position, is often predominantly legal. Your attorney is an important resource during these types of situations.

    According to the legal website Nolo, the average time it takes to complete the process of dissolving a marriage in the US is 12 months. Many have also found their divorce timeline impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic. It can be very difficult to process and let go of negative feelings the end of a marriage naturally brings, but engaging in extended litigation often makes it nearly impossible to heal psychologically.

    I have seen many clients go through years of ongoing litigation with their divorce proceedings; such a process makes it very difficult to move on psychologically or otherwise. Many in this situation feel stuck and unable to move on as a result of the ongoing nature of protracted divorce. For those that also have children, it can bring many layers of additional difficulty as well. I have the skills and expertise to support you with a protracted divorce experience.