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  • Open Relationships

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    Open Relationships

    Open Relationship is an umbrella term. There are many types of open relationships. Open relationships are mainstream and offer an alternative to monogamy. Having the ability to engage in complex conversations is key to open relationships as there is a heightened level of communication within these types of relationships.

    Successfully managing insecurity, jealousy and boundaries as well as becoming educated on the vast amount of terms and styles associated with open relationships is often the first step for those interested in learning more.

    For those new to open relationships or those already experienced in open relationships, such as ethical non-monogamy (ENM), monogam-ish, don’t ask don’t tell (DADT), polyamory, etc. there can be relational issues that emerge as in any monogamous relationship.

    Some are unexpectedly confronted by a request to open their relationship from a partner or are having challenges with the open relationship they are in. I have experience supporting clients individually or as a couple as they navigate these and many more situations that can arise with open relationship dynamics.