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  • My Values


    Confidentiality is the most important component of psychotherapy in my professional opinion as it allows clients the safety to build a trusting relationship with a therapist.

    There are instances where confidentiality can be broken by a therapist. The specifics of confidentiality are provided at length in my HIPAA, and informed consent practice forms.


    I believe the process of therapy is a mutually creative one. The role of a therapist is often as a change agent.

    Creativity is one of my greatest strengths as a therapist. It affords me the ability to see my clients through a highly refined filter that is guided by a strong intuitive sense.

    I see and actively explore with clients areas of possibility, opportunity, growth, discovery and change clients may not yet see.


    The word compassion is derived from the Latin word “compati”, which means “suffer with”. In other words, as a therapist I utilize my compassion to participate in the suffering of the client. Clients coming to see me are hurting and I will join with them in their emotional experience.

    I was trained as a therapist with “self as instrument” as a guiding principle. With this premise, the therapeutic alliance that is essential for therapy to be successful can grow stronger over time.


    Clients will find that I have a warm, welcoming, receptive, and non-judgmental attitude in all interactions. I have implicit respect and regard for all of my clients as individuals.

    I am honored to be in a position to join you as we work together toward the goals you have for therapy.


    According to Bruce Wampold, a psychologist people determine whether or not they can trust someone within 50 milliseconds of meeting them. That is fast!

    My hope as a therapist is that based upon my overall interpersonal skills, non-verbal and verbal communication skills that I am someone clients feel they can trust.


    I believe hope is a terrific motivator. I may see clients in what they may view as the "worst of times".

    I instill and infuse hope, optimism, opportunity as well as offer challenges within my client interactions. I believe in my clients; in their goals, hopes and dreams.