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  • High Conflict Divorce

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    Fencing illustrates the elemental experience of people engaged in high conflict divorce well. Fighting is exhausting. Being in a constant state of fight or flight can have physical impacts over the long-term. Disengaging from a high conflict person is often recommended; however, this can be very difficult to maintain.

    Often clients that I see that are experiencing a high conflict divorce would also report that their spouse is a high conflict person; has a high conflict personality. People that have this trait typically exhibit a pattern of high conflict behavior that increases conflict rather than reducing or resolving it. This can be emotionally exhausting to deal with on its own; let alone when coupled with divorce.

    Most often the high conflict person’s pattern of behavior involves:

    • Blaming others
    • All or nothing thinking
    • Unmanaged emotions
    • Extreme behaviors

    High conflict people can have traits of personality disorders or a personality disorder. This means that they have long-term patterns of interpersonal dysfunction, lack of reflection on their own behavior, and lack of change.

    If you are also in a position to parent with a high conflict person, you may need to focus on parallel parenting if a co-parenting relationship is not possible.

    I have expertise in working with clients experiencing high-conflict divorce. Managing these relationships is a very intricate process that I can support you through.