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  • Conscious Uncoupling

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    Working Together

    The term conscious uncoupling refers to an amicable marital divorce. The term was created by Katherine Woodward Thomas in 2009 as a five-step process to support the conscious completion of an intimate relationship. 

    Uncoupling requires a heightened ability and commitment to work together as a couple to achieve as well as maintain a positive dynamic whether that be alone or as parents. 

    I work with couples short-term desiring to uncouple in a way that preserves positive functioning of their families. For couples that have children, the threshold increases as it relates to the amount of preparation that is often recommended to deconstruct the relationship or marriage. 

    I approach all uncoupling couples with a positive attitude and proactive approach. Shame and blame have no place in uncoupling. Preserving the relational dynamic between the couple is the goal. 

    For couples facing the initial difficult conversations of informing children and others vested in the family of the decision to no longer be together, it can be challenging to know what to say and how to navigate each relationship. 

    There is a tremendous value and importance in spending the time to get used to a new way of being in relationship with your uncoupled partner. Divorce does not end relationships, it ends a marriage.